Selected Publications

Social movements leave a durable political legacy.
In the American Journal of Political Science, 2018

Working Papers

Reconstruction laid the groundwork for the carceral state. Job Market Paper

Military service facillitated immigrant integration. under review

How the appearance of blacks facillitated immigrant incorporation. under review

Mass schooling policies failed to integrate immigrants. under review


Teaching Experience

  • GOV 2002/STAT 186: Causal Inference (TA for Kosuke Imai, Fall 2018)
  • GOV 97: Sophomore Tutorial: The Political Science of Great Issues (TA for Ryan Enos, Spring 2018)
  • US-World 15: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration: From Obama to Trump (TA for Jennifer Hochschild, Spring 2018)
  • ETHRSON 44: The Theory and Practice of Republican Government (TA for Daniel Carpenter, Fall 2017)

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy emphasizes asking big questions and using the best possible tools to answer them. I am especially passionate about teaching students how deep contextual knowledge and rigorous research designs combine to produce advances in knowledge. I am also passionate about using the classroom in ways that promote inclusion and diversity of experience/thought.